Why I didn't purchase Dragon Dictate Medical

I happened to learn that Dragon Dictate is being upgraded. I own MacSpeech Dictate Medical, which was bought out by Nuance, so I decide to check it out and possibly upgrade.


Wow. $1000. That’s a lot for something I don’t use that much.

But look, I can upgrade for only $500. I’ll check that out.


Just need to log into my account.


Look, it’s only $300. I’ll totally buy that.


Wait! What?! 

That says $600, and it’s for MacSpeech Medical not Dragon Dictate Medical.

To be perfectly clear: each screen shot was take in a single series of links, one to the other. The price kept changing. The product kept changing. What is going on here?

I have no idea what the problem is, but I’m not comfortable with moving forward with this purchase.  


Update: I'm not the only one who had trouble.