Episode 16: MMF levels in SLE, iCloud vs Dropbox, and notes in iOS

Show notes for TRP 016

Main Topic

  1. Mycophenolic acid area under the curve correlates with disease activity in lupus patients treated with mycophenolate mofetil.
  2. Lower 12-hour trough concentrations of mycophenolic acid in patients with active systemic vasculitides taking mycophenolate mofetil

Tech Topic

Email from Dr. Alan Elliott, Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas

I'm a practicing rheumatologist who discovered your podcast about a month ago... I've been trying to find more ways to use my ipad to organize my work and professional life. Do you have a recommendation for an app for creating documents on the ipad? Also, would appreciate your comments on iCloud vs dropbox for document back-up and retrieval.


  1. Dr. Ronan Kavanagh's blog post on barometric pressure in joints disease.